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Total Business Service Solutions offers Business Brokerage and Business Solution Services to every Industry Sector, large or small.  Our experienced Broker Associates are here to help you through the buying and/or selling experience no matter where your interests lie.

Clients of Total Business Service Solutions additionally benefit from a very detailed and specialized process specifically designed to value, market and sell their FedEx Ground, Home Delivery and Line Haul routes for the optimal price and terms possible. That was the energy behind creating a specialized team of “Routes Experts” who have spent years partnering with buyers and sellers transitioning FedEx Routes.  We pride ourselves on thinking “outside the box” in order to see each and every business to a successful and HAPPY conclusion. We understand that selling your routes may likely be one of the largest financial decisions of your life. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. Our years of experience in working with FedEx contractors all across the country allows us to:

1.            Accurately value your routes

2.            Produce a large pool of serious and qualified buyers

3.            Effectively negotiate the terms of the transaction

4.            Help the new buyer navigate through the FedEx approval process

5.            Successfully close the transaction

6.            Form lasting relationships.

7.            Most Importantly - Maintain Strict Confidentiality

100’s of FedEx Routes successfully transferred with our Team of Caring and Friendly Experts. Yours can be the next.

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