"We had a great time working with Dawn  &Route Experts, and would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for someone that is very knowledgeable with the contracted delivery business.  Please note that there are many brokers out there that have no clue what they are doing.  She and her team were very thorough in their evaluation process and asked many questions to get a true handle on how we operated our business to determine it's value before going to market.  We sent certain password protected pertinent files to other brokers who magically provided us with valuations without ever asking for confirmation of information.  Their valuations were considerably undervalued  because they never actually dove into the details nor did they seem to have a good understanding of the business model, even though they boasted of multiple listings on their websites.  The other guys were quick to try to lock us into a lengthy exclusivity listing contract whereas we were met with a more casual "let me know what you want to do" attitude which was more our style. 

Our maintenance costs for our fleet were considerably lower than most in the industry because we were fortunate enough to handle all repairs in house.  Dawn would not let us use our actual maintenance costs in the evaluation and instead opted for an industry average per vehicle which in turn decreased our overall cash flow figure.  We were fine with this as it gave a more realistic representation to potential buyers of what operational costs would be assuming they chose others to preform repairs on the vehicles. 
This is a testament to how unbiased she was when it came to protecting both parties involved.

Dawn was very resourceful in finding potential buyers in a timely manner and made sure they were
pre-qualified before every presenting them to us, which took a lot of the weight off our backs.  We knew the potential buyers had the financial means to close the deal before we started negotiations.  As with most negotiations we had to provide some additional documentation to the potential buyers and for the most part she was able to provide all of this because of how thorough the valuations were and we didn't have to handle this- which was a plus.

During the transition process everything was handled via detailed checklists for both seller and buyer, which Dawn has created from past transition experience  This cut down on unforeseen hold ups and everyone knew exactly what needed to take place and when.  Dawn kept in constant contact throughout the entire process making sure everything was moving along smoothly to avoid any potential delays.   From a seller's point of view I believe she really did take care of much more than most other brokers would have,  as she went above and beyond.  We really think she was the right fit for our brokerage needs and would highly recommend Dawn to anyone thinking of selling their business.  We were pleased with our end result and she helped us to move on to "the next chapter of our life."

David F.    (For privacy this contact information will only be shared by written request)

FedEx Contractor

" When I decided to sell my routes, Dawn was highly recommended to me. I was thoroughly impressed with her knowledge about FedEx operations, including ISP and overlap. I felt she gave me a good and fair evaluation. She guided me through every step of the process and I never felt left in the dark. Communication was excellent and she could not have matched me with a better buyer. I was very pleased with the result. Worth every penny!"

Michael G.

FedEx Contractor 2017

The Route Experts Team

Total Business Service Solutions, Inc.

To Whom it May concern,

I would like to take this opportunity to say a few words about the experience I had with Dawn Obie.
Dawn was highly recommended by a friend of mine who sold his business through her and he was extremely happy when she closed the deal.
She is well qualified on a FedEx business model, extremely knowledgable about  ISP, RFI business plan and safety guidance.
She will work with you for  countless hours until you really understand what is taking place to sell or purchase a FedEx business.
I have, in the past, contacted other brokers and I can assure that Dawn Obie is the best broker to deal with when it comes to a FedEx business.
It took 7 months until she found the right buyer due to the size of my business and she did.
She organized everything so well that it was easy for the buyer to obtain SBA financing.

If you have questions or concern don't hesitate to contact me. ( for privacy this information will only be shared by written request).


NC FedEx Contractor

To Whom it may concern, 

My partners and I were looking into new business ventures to expand into and we came across FedEx routes as a stable, profitable and engaging industry to join.  We spent the better part of a year attempting to negotiate with several brokers but to no avail.  Finally, we had the good fortune to come across a series of routes for sale near our area that fell to Dawn and her team.  Being completely new to this type of business and industry Dawn and her team were instrumental in providing us with a wealth of information on how the industry operates both on paper and as a day to day operation.  It was extremely beneficial as we moved forward giving us a much better sense of what we were getting into as well as several ways to avoid those pitfalls.  Given the opportunity I would gladly work with her and her team again to facilitate our expansion.  

With respect, 

FedEx Contactor, Fl.

I want to thank you for making the sale of my FedEx business a smooth, stress-free and successful transition.  Your method of valuation and presentation made it easy for the buyer to grasp the business concept and made due diligence a streamline process.  Confidentiality was kept during the entire process and your assistance with the RFI to the buyer was invaluable.  Your personal attention to detail from start to finish is probably what most contributed to my business sale setting a new record in this region.
I wish you great success and if I may be of any assistance to you in the future, do not hesitate.


FedEx Contractor, NC 

To Whom it May Concern:

It is with pleasure that I recommend Dawn Obie as a trusted partner and business resource.  Dawn came highly recommended from 2 business associates I have known for 20 plus years.  Dawn has participated in countless FedEx transactions and her knowledge of both the FedEx contractor model and the business transaction process is second to none. 

If you are new to FedEx contracting or you are a current contractor Dawn is invaluable during the process.  I was new to the business and Dawn was there every step of the way for over 4 months.  She is always available and spent countless hours working through my questions.  I can unequivocally say after having had discussions with other brokers in different states that Dawn’s attention to detail, knowledge of the FedEx model and client customer service are second to none. 

I would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have over the phone  and I will be happy to expand on anything here or address any topics I haven’t covered.

Rick W.

NC FedEx Contractor