Over the years, we have come in contact with many businesses that offer a wide variety of services that may be helpful to our clients , both buyers and sellers.  But referring clients is a very serious consideration, as we want to assure all our business contacts that their interests are protected.  The Route Experts have chosen the following business partners as experts in their field and we feel confident referring our trusted clients to them.

The Route Experts Team

Total Business Service Solutions, Inc.

AIM Advanced Solutions

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ISP Negotiations
The inception of the ISP agreement has brought about uncertainty by many transitioning Contracted Service Providers. With this uncertainty comes the potential to improperly transition your business causing your success to be hindered. Aim Advanced Solutions will be a partner to all transitioning Contracted Service Providers. Business related matters can be discussed and evaluated with a clear understanding of available options. AIM Advanced Solutions is committed to bringing experienced and knowledgeable people to transitioning areas of the country. They will hold forums during the transition period to explain the transition in detail. 
Aim Advanced Solutions has partnered with Vitae Tax to offer a well-rounded selection of services for ISP service providers. We will be able to assist businesses with education of the negotiation process as well as the ISP agreement, help analyze first proposals, submit counter offers, and provide step-by-step guidance until an official agreement is reached. AIM Advanced Solutions will also assist with schedule B maintenance after an ISP tentative agreement has been reached.
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Aaron Washington, President/CEO



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